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ADORN Milky Whitening Body Lotion SPF50 200ML

ADORN Milky Whitening Body Lotion SPF50 200ML

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The loooong wait is over!


We know how much you have waited for this time to come! After months of research, formulation, and production, we are finally introducing to you the Adorn's MILKY WHITENING BODY LOTION!
Get ready to be blown away by the breathtaking features of this gem! It has an anti-aging formula and fragrance that is ideal for relaxing, and it is lovingly formulated for all skin types!
In formulating this lotion, we aim for long-lasting up to permanent smoothness, fairness, and brightness. Hurry and grab one todayyy!

Adorn Milky Whitening Body Lotion is perfectly formulated for long-lasting smoothness, fairness, and brightness. It also features an anti-aging formulation and a soothing, relaxing scent!

Love that new lavender, gorgeous!

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