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Authentic from Thailand! Dr Meinaier AHA Body Serum 500ml

Authentic from Thailand! Dr Meinaier AHA Body Serum 500ml

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Dr Meinaier AHA white accelerated white by Dr Meinaier White AHA Original Formula The best white, the most sensitive, the most free sales rush! Use only a few drops of cream, do not pure white, the results where it is white, see the actual black neck, black knee, black groin, buttocks, arms, legs, black skin, skin color dull irregular. Skin is not bright   - 1 x AHA Serum
   - 5 x AHA Serum
   - 10 x AHA Serum Pure Vitamin C, found in oranges and lemons or other similar fruits, 
mainly use to control pH concentration of cosmetic products. Main function is to exfoliate skin or remove dead skin cells. 
Helps to make skin smooth and soft, helps lighten complexion. 
Moisturizing properties, repairs sun damage (Suitable for dry skin.). 
It is a water soluble acid, that gives more moisturizing effects. AHA Serum can be mixed with any lotion or body cream. It helps the lotion/cream to be absorbed easily by the skin. AHA Serum only be used on the body, not suitable for face. AHA Serum should only be used at night. AHA has a fruit acid ingredients and detoxifying formula. AHA helps spread dead skin cells out. 

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