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Freshies Avocado Milk Collagen Drink

Freshies Avocado Milk Collagen Drink

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❤️Freshies Avocado Milk Collagen Drink

Discover the many benefits of this delicious superfood. Healthy skin starts with avocados. 💚

🥑 Get your daily dose of potassium and fiber.
🥑Avocados are one of the most healthy foods you can eat.
🥑Avocados are good for almost every part of your body. From hair growth to skin and even acne, avocados have it all.
🥑Reduces visibility of aging
🥑Encourage strong bones
🥑Supports weight management
🥑Promotes healthy hair growth
🥑Encourages joint repair
🥑Improves skin elasticity
🥑High Protein siya and 20 calories lang, swak sa nagggym
🥑Pwede sa lactating moms but not recommended sa pregnant women
🥑Recommended 2-3x ang intake
🥑With 80,000mg of Hydrolized Collagen, Japan Glutathione, L Carnitine & Coenzymes Q10
🥑With Oral Sunscreen Technology
🥑Sweetened by Stevia
🥑10 Sachets, 21 grams each

Add FRESHIES to your daily routine to help you achieve that glowing skin.

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