Gorgeous Glow - Glow Lean Coffee, Choco Lipo & Red Tea

Glow Lean 15in1 Coffee (7 sachets)

Whitening + Slimming + anti aging healthy coffee

This coffee packs in the most exotic and healthy ingredients, such as:

πŸƒ L-carnitine

πŸƒ Green tea

πŸƒ Psyllium husk fiber

πŸƒ Glutathione

πŸƒ Garcinia cambogia

πŸƒ Collagen

πŸƒ Barley

πŸƒ Mangosteen

πŸƒ Green Coffee Bean

πŸƒ Senna Leaves

πŸƒ B-Complex

πŸƒ Vit C

πŸƒ Vit D3

πŸƒ Beta-Glucan

πŸƒ Kale


Glow Lean 16in1 ChocoLipo (7 sachets)

Contains 16 powerful ingredients and sweetened by MONK FRUIT!!!

πŸ’› Collagen Peptides

πŸ’› Garcinia Cambodia

πŸ’› Grape Seed Extract

πŸ’› Chia seeds

πŸ’› Cayenne Pepper

πŸ’› L-C4rnitne

πŸ’› Glu(t)(a)(t)(h)(i)(o)(n)(3)

πŸ’› Green tea extract

πŸ’› Psyllium Husk

πŸ’› FlaxSeed

πŸ’› Vitamin B6

πŸ’› Vitamin B1

πŸ’› Vitamin b12

πŸ’› Pure Alkalized Cocoa Powder

πŸ’› Non Dairy Creamer