SUPER TRENDING! AUTHENTIC Pretty Peach Feminine Wash



✨ Pretty Peach ✨

✔️ With sunflower oil
✔️ With cooling effect
✔️ With antibacterial properties
✔️ Keeps your intimate area clean, fresh, and tight
✔️ Maintains the pH balance down there

Pretty Peach feminine wash !
bakit nman kasi ginalingan mo🥰🥰🥰
🍑With sunflower oil
🍑Keep your intimate area
🍑Clean, fresh, and tight
🍑All organic
🍑Maintain ph balance
🍑Doesn't have harmful chemicals which may cause irritation and discomforts
🍑It has anti-bacterial property
🍑Safe for everyday use.
🍑best of all for only 129 Pesos 😘

Available onhand mga sissy !